Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene / ANB - II / BorsodChem MCHZ s.r.o., Ostrava

15. 9. 2021

We have successfully completed the 3rd stage of the Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene project. Comprehensive tests are now underway.

Implementation date: from 08/2020 to 07/2021. Industrial sector: petrochemicals


Project parameters:

Pipe assembly                                               95,000 kg

Production and assembly of POK             34,000 kg






65,000 hours were worked on the project.

Despite all the problems caused by COVID-19 limitations, we successfully managed the project thanks to the commitment of our fitters and construction management. We thank all our employees, co-workers, suppliers and our customer for their trust.

On July 13, 2021, the order was successfully handed over to the client.


These involved the supply, manufacture and installation of auxiliary steel structures, pre-production and installation of pipes class 11 and 17.

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