Delivery and installation of investment and SKID units

Delivery and installation of investment and SKID units

You do not need to look for each supplier for the realization involving different types of work. We can coordinate the delivery of various investment units and ensure the smooth running of the project.

What our implementation involves

The implementation includes activities related to the preparation of the project from cooperation with engineering companies, production and installation of technological equipment, piping, steel structures and other related activities, testing and participation in commissioning till successful handover  to the client.

The range of our activities includes

  • Processing of the conceptual solution according to the customer specified conditions, as part of the tender process
  • Successful tender ended with a signed contract
  • Processing preparatory documentation required by the contract or necessary for the realization of the project (ensuring of project documentation, project schedule, quality assurance, projects ensuring safety and health protection, staffing, forms of financing and bank guarantees, insurance etc.)
  • Ensuring the production of equipment, steel structures, piping (for own or purchased supplies), continuous quality control, delivery of manufactured equipment for site.
  • Purchase of all equipment and material needed for project realization
  • Ensuring construction-installation works
  • Coordination of construction and installation, individual and complex tests, participation in commissioning
  • Providing of tests proving the quality of work according to prescribed documentation
  • Handover of executed works to the customer incl. handover documentation
  • Cooperation with a customer to obtain final approval from relevant authorities
  • Provide all necessary instructions for equipment maintenance and operator training
  • Warranty service and after-warranty service (in the form of service contracts, etc.)

Manufacturing of SKID UNITS

Manufacturing and installation of SKID UNITS Includes

  • production of steel structure
  • piping installation
  • installation of technological units
  • installation of electrical cables and instrumentation (MaR)
  • painting and insulation

The advantages of skid units

  • quick production at workshop and easy installation 
  • import of already finished unit directly to the site, where only the final unit connection is solved
  • Fewer workers for installation than for classic assembly

We also provide subcontracting

  • Deliveries and installation of electrical cables and instrumentation (MaR)
  • Painting, blasting and galvanizing
  • Thermal and sound insulation
  • Scaffolding, equipment for work at height, mechanism (cranes, platforms)
  • Construction work
  • Delivery and installation of plastic piping and plastic products
  • Delivery of special technological equipment
  • Non destructive tests
  • and other implementation activities

We offer many years of experience by our specialists who take care of the entire business case.

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