Plasma cuting

Plasma cuting

We will ensure the plasma cutting  of products at a new modern plasma CNC center with a rotator tube and water mist.

We specialize in cutting the following::

  • stainless steel sheets up to 15 mm thick

  • sheets of ordinary steel material thickness 1mm - 25 mm

  • profile materials

  • pipes

  • sheet metal engraving

  • reinforcement rings


The size of the plasma table is 4x2 m. We cut by plasma of sheets stainless steel and an ordinary steel from material thickness 1mm - 25 mm black material, stainless steel material up to 20 mm thick. 

Plasma also engraves, so each cut-out has its own mark.

We can also make holes in profile material and cut it. I.e. L profiles, U profiles, I, H and others. It depends on the type of material, size and thickness.

Thanks to the water mist, which is used in cutting by plasma of stainless steel sheets, there are no deformations and the cut is very good and clean.

The tube rotator can handle pipes in diameters of 50 - 200 mm. Tube clamping length 6 m, cutting length 4 m. Maximum pipe thickness 8 mm. The rotator tube is used for cutting the seat for connecting the pipe to the T-shaped pipe, you can also cut locks for pipes, grooves and various holes.


Jiří Rejhon


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Plasma cutting and engraving

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