What's new with us?

What's new with us?

Construction of new headquarters of our company Works L&W group s.r.o. is still ongoing

Since June 2019 we have been building our new headquarters near Hradec Králové in Opatovice nad Labem, Czech Republic.

Assembly work in Finland

In the second half of 2021, we carried out the installation of a milk dryer in Finland.

Project "Installation of CW pipelines" is going on

Installation of CD pipelines is successfully going on.

Pre-production of pipes for a French client

Pre-production of the pipeline for the French client is still ongoing, now the pipe is ready for painting.

Our new container

Take a look at our new container, which is fully equipped with tools, a table drill and a workbench. It is currently located on a project in Finland.

Pipeline production for the French company ALLIA

Two weeks ago, we started pre-production of pipelines in our workshop for french client ALLIA

Instalation of CW pipelines

For our client in Hungary, we have started the installation of cooling water pipes. 

Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene / ANB - II / BorsodChem MCHZ s.r.o., Ostrava

We have successfully completed the 3rd stage of the Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene project. Comprehensive tests are now underway.

Production of cooling water pipes with steam absorption system

At the end of August 2021, we started the production of cooling water pipes with a steam absorption system for our client Johnson Controls Building Solutions at the Draslovka a. S. Kolín.

Adiabatic Nitration of Benzen goes on!

The Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene project in Ostrava continues even under these climatic and emergency conditions!

Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene

We are currently cooperating on the project Adiabatic Nitration of Benzene implemented in Ostrava.