Works L&W group s. r. o. References

Works L&W group s. r. o. References

See our list of references. You can find more examples of completed orders in the PDF document below references.

We have successfully completed the project of REPLACEMENT of the air preheater VM5 APH on the U5 line in CS CABOT Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic. Have a look at photos from realization.

Lužické závody Draslovka, a. s., Kolín

For Draslovka, a. s. Kolin we carried out delivery and assembly work in the area of brine pipes and pipes to the cooling station.

Kovoprojekta Brno a.s., Czech Republic

Compressor unit for SPOLCHEMIE Ústí nad Labem. Installation of compressor unit including pipes and coatings. Moving to confined spaces.


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